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The "Energy & Environment" section features news and updates about how broadband make energy data available to consumers, modernizes the electric grid, and lessens the environmental impact of the information and communication technology and transportation sectors.

Apple Watchers Count Down to Apple Watch
The company has pitched the product as its most "personal" and physically interactive yet, but consumers haven't yet warmed to wearable devices already on the market.
Broadband saves consumers on utilities
Smart Grid is increasingly needing broadband, and the Recovery Act is helping fund 1000 censors across the transmition grid to help prevent blackouts, Nick Sinai, the Senior Advisor to White…
US Department of Energy Releases Roadmap for Energy Infrastructure Cybersecurity
The U.S. Department of Energy released the 2011 Roadmap to Achieve Energy Delivery Systems Cybersecurity outlining its goals to enhance the security and reliability of the nation’s energy…
Retailer to Sell Home Energy Management Products
Home energy management products can remotely control or schedule home thermostats, lights, or appliances, program a thermostat using a smart phone app or Web page, or measure the power of different…
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