Leveraging the Power of the Internet in Illinois

 Better Broadband means Better Lives for our farmers, doctors, police officers, entrepreneurs, innovators and families. At Partnership for a Connected Illinois (Broadband Illinois), we work to ensure that every Illinoisan has access to and is able to use broadband at its highest capacity. Broadband, or ultra high-speed internet, is the information superhighway of our time and we can’t and shouldn’t leave anyone behind. Broadband is no longer a luxury, it's essential.

 Our statewide, nonprofit organization works towards three key goals: We collaborate with providers of broadband to find out what areas they serve and create detailed maps with coverage areas and speeds. When we identify areas without broadband access, our staff convenes with government stakeholders and broadband providers to find solutions. Finally, we promote broadband education and usage through programs like our “Illinois Broadband Innovation Fund.”

 The results of Better Broadband in Illinois are unmistakable. Innovators and entrepreneurs can compete in the global market, attracting more jobs and business to our state. Students in rural areas of Southern Illinois can join classes, in real-time, with students in Chicago. Farmers can predict weather and use global positioning systems to produce higher yields. The Smart Grid allows homeowners to save on utilities and city workers to address outages efficiently.

 Our organization is deployed throughout the state, with staff ready to convene, connect, and collaborate. We’ve helped connect schools, hospitals and entire communities to high-speed internet, worked with large fiber deployment projects, led the efforts for major grant programs and hosted regional broadband events.

 Our Broadband Illinois website contains a plethora of resources, maps, news, and events. The "Find & Request Broadband" tool allows users to enter their address to see a listing of available broadband providers and advertised speeds. No providers near you? There is an option to send contact information to every broadband provider in your county. They want customers. You want internet. It’s a win-win.

About Broadband Illinois:

Officially known as The Partnership for a Connected Illinois, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Springfield, Illinois. Our missions are to ensure broadband access throughout the State of Illinois, maximize broadband’s impact and use, and collect and publish broadband-related data, information, and research. 

Broadband Illinois at a Glance

Partnership for a Connected Illinois 1337 Wabash Ave. Springfield, IL 62704 Phone: (217) 886-4228 Fax: (217) 718-4546 info@broadbandillinois.org