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The "Public Safety" section features articles and updates about how broadband technologies give emergnecy services and first responders new tools to communicate at all times and without delay to save more lives.

White House Innovation Day Highlights Disaster Response, Recovery
Emergency managers converged with the tech community to discuss tools that can create more resilient communities.
$7 Billion Public Safety Communication: States Get Ready for Planning Grants
Now’s the time to get ready to plan the best uses of public safety communication investments. Summer-fall is the time for states, regions and communities to get ready for planning so-called…
Next Generation 9-1-1 project files to operate In Illinois
Next Generation 9-1-1 Systems utilize current communications technology to connect callers and their location information to the 9-1-1 professionals, who in turn dispatch needed services in emergency…
Public-Safety Broadband Network Could Generate Thousands of New Jobs
President Obama’s jobs bill could move legislation aimed at freeing up more spectrum for wireless broadband technologies and building a national broadband network for public safety.
9/11 Demonstrated Need for National Broadband Network
A New York Senator says 9/11 demonstrated the need for a nationwide broadband network that would enable first responders to communicate across jurisdictions.
Fiber-Optic Conduits Open Possibility for Surveillance Cameras
The Decatur city council recently approved the installation of fiber optic conduits throughout the downtown area, which could be used to hook up surveillance cameras.
Facing Tempests in Today's World: Preparing for Disasters Large and Small
In creating "safe and healthy" communities, Federal, state and local public safety and health communities and service organizations get stronger, more intelligent and accurate in communicating with…
Obama's jobs bill includes something for wireless
President Obama included authorization for incentive wireless spectrum auctions and spectrum reallocation for public safety as part of his American Jobs Act.
Illinois Legal Aid Online Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Non-profit organization celebrates access to justice through the use of technology.
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