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President Obama Announces Plans for Next-Generation Broadband Connectivity
Announcement means better connectivity and less red-tape for Illinois and the United States
Broadband Illinois Welcomes Governor Bruce Rauner
PCI participates in inauguration activities
Frontier Communications Helps Propel Carbondale into Gigabit City Status
Frontier announces Carbondale as a Gigabit City, High speed internet over 50 times faster
The first Urbana-Champaign residents will soon be connected to some of the fastest Internet speeds in the country. Local broadband provider iTV-3 today announced construction and expansion of the Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband (UC2B) network.
Iowa School District Adds Wi-Fi to Buses

Cardinal Community School District officials say the goal is to transform school buses into locations for learning, by adding wireless Internet and bringing focus to educational apps.

U.S. FCC asks if Broadband Should Mean Faster Internet Speeds

New FCC proposal would change how it measures high-speed Internet and require speeds of at least 10 Mbps to qualify as broadband.

Rural Economies Found to Benefit from Broadband
Study shows rural communities benefit from broadband, increased income and jobs.
Comcast Offers Up To Six Months of Complimentary Internet Service And An Amnesty Program For Low-Income Families

Internet Essential Kicks Off Back to School Season in Georgia with Nationwide, Complimentary
Six-Month Offer, Discounted Computers and Free Digital Literacy Training for Eligible Families.

Comcast Has Now Connected More Than 1.4 Million Low-Income Americans to Internet at Home.

Governor Quinn Announces Completion of Cutting Edge Broadband Network
Gov. Quinn announced completion of a nearly $100 million, four-year project to install more than 1,000 new miles of high-speed fiber-optic broadband infrastructure across 55 Illinois counties.
How the History of Electricity Explains Municipal Broadband
Should the FCC try to preempt state laws that block cities from building out publicly owned Internet infrastructure?
Illinois sees substantial growth in residential broadband connection

New data from the FCC reports that total broadband connections nationwide grew at a compound annual growth rate of 15 percent from  June 2003 to June 2013.

Last Day for Earlybird Registration, Lowery Confirmed as Keynote Speaker, Bluebird is Major Sponsor

Organizers of the inaugural Broadband Telemedicine Summit are reminding potential guests that today, Monday, April 15, is the final day to register under the discounted earlybird rate of $50.

Better Broadband, Better Lifeline Pilot Program Launched This Week
Illinois is the site of a pioneering federal pilot project that will supply qualifying customers of seven rural Illinois phone companies with a refurbished computer for $50 and a year’s worth of high-speed Internet access for as low as $9.95 a month, consumer advocates and telecommunications companies announced Tuesday.
Better Broadband, Better Lifeline Pilot Program Set to Launch April 1
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, March 7, 2013 -- A new pilot program, set to launch April 1 will provide up to $1.5 million in discounted internet service and additional funds for digital literacy training, and low-cost desktop computers to low-income households in 35 rural Illinois counties.
Mayor Emanuel Announces Chicago Broadband Challenge
City Will Completely Remake its Digital Infrastructure, Providing Access to Underserved Areas, Free Access in Public Spaces, and Affordable Access for the Business Community
Frontier Announces Higher Broadband Speed Availability in Illinois
Press Release from Frontier Communications: Residential and Small Business customers in more than 170 communities now benefit from increased broadband speeds
Broadband on schedule - Effort moves into Sterling and Fulton

Organizers say they are impressed with the progress of work crews laying in new fiber optic cable for the large-scale broadband project in this region, and that favorable weather in December and early January has allowed the effort to stay on schedule.

Recently, the Illinois Fiber Resources Group (iFiber) announced that the project had hit another major milestone, with work crews entering the city limits of Sterling and Fulton for the first time. All in all, the $69 million project is proceeding as planned, said Daniel Payette, this region’s outreach coordinator for the broadband effort.

Broadband saves consumers on utilities
Smart Grid is increasingly needing broadband, and the Recovery Act is helping fund 1000 censors across the transmition grid to help prevent blackouts, Nick Sinai, the Senior Advisor to White House’s Chief Technology Officer, said.
Libraries as building blocks for learning and careers in local areas across illinois – and the nation

Education is FCC National Broadband Plan National Need #3. Libraries are local community anchor institutions focused directly on learning, working alongside schools, museums, cultural and social service centers, business centers, and congregations. Below are Local (A), State (B), and National (C)) resources on how to best use and demonstrate through graphics, photographs and stories the daily benefits to youth, adults, seniors, businesses, and public agencies of exploiting every community library’s human and technology resources. 

Study indicates broadband does not lower tax collections
Increased broadband does not lead to lower tax collections, indicates a study in Oklahoma about the relationship between broadband adoption and local retail sales tax collections.
New study quantifies the impact of broadband speed on GDP
A new report released shows that increasing broadband speeds and broadband penetration for an economy increases the GDP.
Push to bring faster broadband to college towns; PCI chairman Charles Benton attends

Partnership for a Connected Illinois chairman Charles Benton attended a meeting with Google and more than 50 other companies in Chicago on Monday, aimed finding funding for faster broadband for 37 college campuses including University of Chicago and Univeristy of Illinois.

Public-Safety Broadband Network Could Generate Thousands of New Jobs
President Obama’s jobs bill could move legislation aimed at freeing up more spectrum for wireless broadband technologies and building a national broadband network for public safety.
Obama's jobs bill includes something for wireless
President Obama included authorization for incentive wireless spectrum auctions and spectrum reallocation for public safety as part of his American Jobs Act.
This week on the Illinois Channel: Graham Richard discusses broadband's impact on the economy of a community

This week on the Illinois Channel:

From Southern Illinois University in Carbondale
we hear from Graham Richard, the former Mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who embraced broadband communications as a way to improve city services and attract more businesses to his community. Mr. Richard spoke to a broadband conference at SIU about the ability of broadband communications to improve the business climate for a community.

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