Fishin' Buddies

PCI Project Funding:  $49,000.00
Total Project Cost: $192,332.82
Category: Education/AG/Low Income
Region: Chicagoland eTeam

“With the Nature, Technology & Tomorrow Initiative program we envision the Broadband Innovation Fund as a connecting platform. Our vision is to change how we collaborate thus change how we innovate,” said Julian A. Kidd-Fishin' Buddies! Vice-President. “The Broadband Innovation Fund will allow us to leverage the education and best practices of like-minded professionals.  Finding and connecting with these subject matter experts will be an extremely important step to the success and effectiveness of our initiative.  The successful implementation of the initiative can positively impact how millions of users interact with the great outdoors of Illinois.”

Contact: Julian Kidd,, (773) 233-3250

 Download an informational Powerpoint here.

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