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It helps build the future and success of our country. Also because the information on the US broadband map is not even close to correct. Continue
Joe in Pekin, IL, Oct 28, 2011
Your map shows 3 service providers in my area; however none is available to me at my location. We struggle mightily here with satallite internet… Continue
Vicki in Hutsonville, IL, Oct 6, 2011
more affordable internet service is what we need here in northern Illinois. So that everyone can get it. Continue
Kathy in Freeport, IL, Sep 28, 2011
As a small business owner operating a photography studio out of my home, I could definitely use better broadband to upload my photos to the labs in… Continue
Mike in Brownstown, IL, Sep 16, 2011
I'm 70 years old and teach a free class on eBay at Kaskaskia Community College. My wife and I love selling and turning a profit on an unbelievably… Continue
Dean in Vandalia, IL, Sep 16, 2011
Still waiting for broadband in rural Illinois. Continue
barbara in IL, Sep 14, 2011
My wife and I are able to have a video/audio conversation with our son who is currently stationed in Afghanistan. Our two-year-old granddaughter… Continue
Bob in IL, Sep 13, 2011
School and streaming video Continue
Lynette in CO, Sep 12, 2011
As one of the co-founders of the Chicago chapter of the Internet Society "The Internet is for Everyone" I am interested in the widespread utilization… Continue
John in IL, Sep 12, 2011
to join the world from home as work is getting more filtered every day. Continue
Mickey in IL, Sep 7, 2011
Broadband let me chat and even video-chat with my family and friends while I was working at sea for months at a time. Continue
Stephen in IL, Sep 6, 2011
I couldn't do anything without broadband. Continue
Drew in IL, Sep 5, 2011
Broadband is the way I am connected to the world. Continue
Drew in IL, Sep 5, 2011
Broadband has allowed me to continue my degree from the University of Colorado while moving back to Illinois to be closer to my family. I should… Continue
Jennifer in IL, Sep 2, 2011
Broadband makes it possible for me to work remotely from home, in a different state than my home office. Continue
Kobe in NM, Sep 2, 2011
I depend on fast broadband for my work and personal activities. I don't appreciate the fact that I only have ONE home broadband provider in my area. Continue
William in IL, Sep 2, 2011
On my way to a Cardinals game from upstate, my wife figured out about half way to St. Louis that I had left the tickets on the kitchen counter.… Continue
Adam in IL, Sep 2, 2011

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