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Ignoring AT&T and Verizon protests, FCC says “broadband” has to be 10Mbps

ISPs that accept government subsidies must offer at least 10Mbps instead of 4.

Farmers, Ag Tech Providers Strike Big Data Agreement

A meticulously negotiated agreement outlines areas of concern that will guide cooperation and evolution over the next four to five years.

How cheap does the Internet have to be to get everyone online?
FCC estimates a 10% increase in adoption with a 15% decrease in cost
Americans Feel Better Informed Thanks to the Internet
Do you feel the same?
Celebrating Computer Science Education Week, Kids Code at the White House
President Obama codes with area students to kick-off computer science education week
Mobile Health Faces a Bumpy Road in Rural California
Mobile healthcare faces many struggles-- terrain, education, and poverty 
Walgreen's App Makes Virtual Doctor Visits a Reality
Rather video chat with your doc about what ails you? No problem, says Walgreens.
What the heck is 5G? The mobile world is just as unsure as we are
The future of 4G
2015 New Year's Resolution: Remove Public Broadband Handcuffs
In order for municipal broadband to grow, barriers need removed
$6.4 Billion to be Spent on Civic Tech in 2015, Report Says

New analysis says the rise of the civic tech market has grown roots, and its growth with be 14 times faster than traditional government IT spending at the state and local levels.

Cuomo’s $500m broadband push to start in January
New York's Governor announces $500 million broadband expansion program
A unified 20-year history of the radically changing way we relate to the Web
A brief look at the history and evolution of the Internet
These IL Schools Made a List of the 50 Most Innovative Computer Science Programs
Four Illinois schools made the list
FirstNet: Is Opting Out an Option?

Myriad factors and unknowns cloud the question for now

Technology Bridging Rural Healthcare Gap
Area counseling service to offer teleconferencing to reach rural patients. 
4 Trends to Watch in 2015

In the New Year, municipalities will face the challenge of ensuring that their data-driven approaches empower them to be responsive to citizens’ wants, needs and ideas.

Internet-Connected Things Will Soon Outnumber People

The growing Internet of Things brings new opportunities and challenges.

The Killer App for Local Fiber Networks
For a community fiber network, economic development may be the killer app – the application that validates the use of the platform.
High-Tech Farming Poised to Change the Way the World Eats

Silicon Valley is pushing its way into every stage of the food-growing process, from tech tycoons buying up farmland to startups selling robots that work the fields.

How Chicago is Narrowing the Digital Divide

Low-income families, minorities, people with disabilities and seniors are overwhelmingly represented in the broad swath of the city’s population who are unable to gain access to crucial information and resources.

In 2014, the Internet added an entire United States to its User Base
Internet users grow to new records
The first Urbana-Champaign residents will soon be connected to some of the fastest Internet speeds in the country. Local broadband provider iTV-3 today announced construction and expansion of the Urbana-Champaign Big Broadband (UC2B) network.
Apps are Available for Everything in Agriculture

In a world of information technology, apps make it possible to remain in the field when muddled by a unfamiliar disease or insect infestation.

How Technology Can Help with Long-Distance Caregiving

In-home telemonitoring devices, mobile apps and wearable devices can tell a long-distance caregiver whether a relative has opened the refrigerator, as well as send out medication reminders and monitor someone’s health.

Internet of Things Helps Buffalo, Other Cities with Snow Removal

Boston, Minneapolis and Buffalo are some of the municipalities harnessing the power of GPS sensors and machine-to-machine communication to modernize snow removal practices.

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