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Online Jury Reporting Increases Participation, Saves Citizens Time and Angst

Lubbock County, Texas, is one of many counties in the state that allows citizens to report for jury duty without heading down to the courthouse.


Local provider iTV-3 announces speed increase at no charge to existing customers

Jacksonville, Ill., Seeks Enhanced Fiber Connectivity

The southwestern Illinois town is forming a committee to look at ways to expand broadband in the region.

Baltimore’s Mobile Bill Pay Serves Millennials, Underserved Populations

The service, which took six months to develop, was on the municipality’s wish list for three years.

Governor Appoints Laura Frerichs and Mark Glennon to Lead New Council Designed to Develop Innovation Clusters, Attract Resources, Develop and Retain Talent, and Foster Collaboration Through the Illinois Technology Community
2015 State of the State Addresses: Is Technology on the Agenda?
To find technology in this year’s speeches, you often need to read between the lines.
Netflix and ‘House of Cards’ could be the best thing ever to happen to Cuba’s Internet
You may have heard: Netflix is coming to Cuba.
Lessons From Google’s First Rollout Of Google Fiber

In Kansas City startups are growing, cable companies are catching up, but the digital divide is as wide as ever.

Report: Distance Education Is Here to Stay

A new survey shows that while not all higher education faculty like distance learning, it has become entrenched and is part of education throughout the nation.

FCC Chairman Backs Strong Net Neutrality Rules

Tom Wheeler opts for strict regulation of Internet service providers to maintain an open Internet.

Businesses: Are you successful because of broadband?
AT&T and Connect SI announced an awards program to recognize small businesses in Southern Illinois using broadband as part of its success
Super Bowl ad Promotes Need for Broadband

Estella's Brilliant Bus brings technology to children in need

Vying for Funding, Rural Counties Often Lose to Big Cities

But a new contest, where the competition is limited to rural areas, offers a chance for smaller municipalities to realize their economic development plans.

A New Year’s Resolution: Using Broadband to Get Healthy and Stay Well
It’s that time of year again . . . resolution time. You often hear that people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits. From eating better to being more active, we all tend to see the New Year as a way to make a fresh (and healthy) start.
FCC Redefines Broadband as 25 Mb Per Second or Higher

The new definition of broadband does not require Internet service providers to make any changes to the services they provide.

BroadbandUSA Makes Its Debut
Learn how the federal initiative will help communities expand access to high-speed Internet service
Updates Broadband Speed Benchmark to 25Mbps/3 Mbps to Reflect Consumer Demand, Advances in Technology
Visualizing the Digital Divide in Chicago [Map]
The city of Chicago has launched numerous efforts to elminate the digital divide in every neighborhood
Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Public Library Announce “Internet To Go” Tech Lending Program
Pilot Program Allows Residents To Check Out Wi-Fi Hotspots and Tablets
Westmoreland County, Pa., Prison Visitation Goes Digital

The visits are conducted by using computer equipment the county purchased last year that allows family members and friends to speak with inmates via video over a home computer hookup.

5 Ways Unmanned Drones Could Affect the American Food Supply
From herding cattle to applying pesticides, unmanned drones are revolutionizing American farming
Three U.S. Communities Among 'Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2015'

Arlington County, Va., Columbus, Ohio, and Mitchell, S.D., are considered "the best on the planet to teach us how we should go about planning the future."

Texas prisons try telemedicine to curb spending
With healthcare costs rising for Texas inmates, prisons seek ways to cut costs
3 Ways Schools Can Stretch Their Technology Dollars

New York City schools take a look at staffing, the type of equipment they purchase and ways to extend the life of technology.

Chicago Educators Welcome Proposal to Protect Students' Digital Privacy

Some technology requires teachers or students to enter all sorts of data, thus raising the question educators had not faced before: Will information a teacher or child shares stay available in cyberspace?

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