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Frontier Communications, DISH team up to support revitalization of small cities with America’s Best Communities Contest
More than $10 million dedicated to support innovation and growth in 50 rural communities over three years. Frontier, DISH challenge communities across America to submit and implement their best plans for future growth and prosperity. Unique financial rewards, support network for small communities to collaborate, initiate change for long-term sustainability. 
What Apple's Big Announcement Means for Government

Larger iPhones, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch will all impact the public sector.

Kids Need to Learn Digital Literacy-- Not How to Code
Using technology is about way more than code.
The Internet of Everything
The "Internet of Everything" is making our lives much easier. 
Best Buy Foundation Accepting Applications for National Youth Technology Program
Deadline: November 1, 2014
F.C.C. to Promote Choices for High-Speed Broadband
Americans lack real choices among providers of high-speed Internet service, FCC Chairman says.
Wi-Fi In The Classroom Has To Be A National Priority
High-speed Internet access has become akin to electricity and phone service in businesses, government agencies, hospitals, universities and a growing array of other places where we live and work. 
GIS will become the ‘hero’ of 911, says APCO panelist
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) may serve a minor role in legacy 911 systems, but it will be an integral part of next-generation system. The sooner 911 professionals realize this and start preparing, the smoother their transition to next-generation 911 will be, according to panelists at the recent APCO conference.
Illinois a Leader in Broadband Internet Coverage
Changes may be coming as feds weigh greater regulation
Commission Publishes Additional Resources Regarding Areas Potentially Eligible for Connect America Funding
Additional information now available for Connect America Funding.
Everything connected to the Internet, in one map
An image of all devices connected to the Internet, worldwide.
Guns, butter and broadband: How technology has finally emerged as a viable campaign issue
Political candidates have used digital technology since the dawn of the Internet, now it's time they discuss it. 
How to Apply for Rural Broadband Experiments
On Thursday, August 28th, the Rural Broadband Policy Group and the National Rural Assembly hosted a webinar featuring Jonathan Chambers from the Office of Strategic Policy and Analysis and Carol Mattey from the Wireline Competition Bureau, to learn about the rules and process to apply for the Rural Broadband Experiments.
Exports growing in Illinois’ high-tech sectors
From 2009 to 2013, goods exports in Illinois have increased 58.8 percent, outpacing the national average of 49.6 percent over the same period. 
Simon welcomes Class of 2025 back to Bloomington Junior High School
Bloomington Junior High offers one-on-one laptop program to all students and internet service to low income students. 
How McDonald's and Corporate America are Bringing Internet Access to Rural America
How McDonald's is bringing Internet to Rural America
Despite the Latest Creaks, the Internet Isn’t Close to Breaking
The complexity of the Internet is overwhelming some older routers, but these systems can easily be upgraded.
AT&T Incubates Technology to Connect Devices
AT&T is developing technology that allows users to receive calls and messages via smart devices.
Report Ranks Top Open Data States

Six states earn top rankings for their open data policies and portals -- and eight states are at the bottom.

Study: Broadband Boosts Rural Jobs, Income
Study finds benefits of broadband in rural communities, increased jobs and income. 
Frontier Communications Expands Broadband Internet Service in Champaign, Ford and Vermilion Counties Network Expansion Brings Additional Connectivity
Frontier Communications has made advanced broadband technology and faster Internet speeds available to hundreds of additional residences and businesses throughout Illinois.
Kids and Technology: Can We Ever Really Keep Up?
How can parents stay involved with their kids online if parents are being left behind by today's technology?
20 Things Educators Need To Know About Digital Literacy Skills
Teaching digital literacy is about more than just integrating technology into lesson plans; it’s about using technology to understand and enhance modern communication, to locate oneself in digital space, to manage knowledge and experience in the Age of Information.
Do Google Chromebooks Threaten Apple’s Dominance in Education?

Schools that have purchased Chromebooks versus iPads point to low cost and minimal maintenance requirements as the primary selling points.

States Watching Congress on Internet Access Taxes

Congress is debating whether to extend or make permanent a moratorium on state and local Internet access taxes. The issue could get tied up with a controversial proposal to tax online sales.

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