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Illinois Telehealth Initiative Launched to Improve Adoption

Several hospitals and technology companies have come together to start the Illinois Telehealth Initiative.

Illinois Telehealth Initiative looks to improve, expand virtual care
How Partnership for a Connected Illinois is trying to take telehealth statewide
14 Illinois Locations Register to Compete for America's Best Communities’ Title
Deadline for applications March 25, 2015
The Illinois Telehealth Initiative Launches to Aid the Country's Projected Physician Shortage
Illinois Telehealth Initiative launches, strives to bring telehealth to all residents of Illinois. 

Local provider iTV-3 announces speed increase at no charge to existing customers

Governor Appoints Laura Frerichs and Mark Glennon to Lead New Council Designed to Develop Innovation Clusters, Attract Resources, Develop and Retain Talent, and Foster Collaboration Through the Illinois Technology Community
2015 State of the State Addresses: Is Technology on the Agenda?
To find technology in this year’s speeches, you often need to read between the lines.
Businesses: Are you successful because of broadband?
AT&T and Connect SI announced an awards program to recognize small businesses in Southern Illinois using broadband as part of its success
Super Bowl ad Promotes Need for Broadband

Estella's Brilliant Bus brings technology to children in need

BroadbandUSA Makes Its Debut
Learn how the federal initiative will help communities expand access to high-speed Internet service
Visualizing the Digital Divide in Chicago [Map]
The city of Chicago has launched numerous efforts to elminate the digital divide in every neighborhood
Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Public Library Announce “Internet To Go” Tech Lending Program
Pilot Program Allows Residents To Check Out Wi-Fi Hotspots and Tablets
5 Ways Unmanned Drones Could Affect the American Food Supply
From herding cattle to applying pesticides, unmanned drones are revolutionizing American farming
Three U.S. Communities Among 'Top 7 Intelligent Communities of 2015'

Arlington County, Va., Columbus, Ohio, and Mitchell, S.D., are considered "the best on the planet to teach us how we should go about planning the future."

Texas prisons try telemedicine to curb spending
With healthcare costs rising for Texas inmates, prisons seek ways to cut costs
3 Ways Schools Can Stretch Their Technology Dollars

New York City schools take a look at staffing, the type of equipment they purchase and ways to extend the life of technology.

Chicago Educators Welcome Proposal to Protect Students' Digital Privacy

Some technology requires teachers or students to enter all sorts of data, thus raising the question educators had not faced before: Will information a teacher or child shares stay available in cyberspace?

Report Finds Strong Link Between Broadband and Population Growth
U.S. counties with the highest broadband availability levels are seeing the greatest population growth
BroadbandUSA Effort to Assist Communities with Broadband Plans
NTIA's BroadbandUSA program will help cities create partnerships, promote adoption, and assist with infrastructure projects
Network Could Put City in Online Fast-Lane
Jacksonville in talks to update broadband network, possibly become a gigabit city
New Year, New Threats: Electronic Health Record Cyberattacks

The recent flood of cyberattacks means that hackers are relentless and more sophisticated than ever before.

State of the Union: Ready for bipartisan cyber action
This should be the year that significant bipartisan progress is made on cybersecurity legislation, with new laws set to pass on issues ranging from data breach notification to sharing sensitive cyber intelligence between the public and private sectors. In fact, since President Obama and Republican congressional leaders can't agree on much else, cybersecurity action is moving to center stage.
State Says 80 Percent of Mainers 'Unserved' by Broadband

The ConnectME Authority, which oversees the state’s broadband service, on Friday adopted a new standard to define adequate service levels.

President Obama Announces Plans for Next-Generation Broadband Connectivity
Announcement means better connectivity and less red-tape for Illinois and the United States
9 Things Computers Can do Now That They Couldn't do a Year Ago
2014 had its fair share of "firsts" in hardware, software, and robotics

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