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Survey of Illinois Households Examines Broadband Usage, Benefits, Barriers

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, April 22, 2013 – In a multi-faceted survey released earlier this month by Broadband Illinois, Illinois households rated fiber-optic internet connections highest in terms of speed, reliability and value. However, households in rural and isolated areas of Illinois are almost four times as likely to have a dial-up connection. 

New Report Highlights Broadband Utilization in Illinois Regions, Industry Sectors

Regional differences in broadband usage prevail in Illinois commercial businesses and public organizations, and public libraries are filling the gap by providing Wi-Fi access and one-on-one digital literacy trainings, according to a new report released by Broadband Illinois. 

Report: High-Speed Internet Key for Job Creation, Economic Development

Illinois businesses view high-speed internet as a source of job creation, an important way to present themselves to the world and as a way to improve internal operations, according to a multi-faceted research report released today by Broadband Illinois.

Partnership for a Connected Illinois Announces Partnership with Strategic Networks Group

Partnership for a Connected Illinois Announces Partnership with Strategic Networks Group to Drive Meaningful Broadband Use, Innovation, and Economic Development

SNG and the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs Engaged to help Maximize Broadband’s Potential

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, January 4, 2012 – The Partnership for a Connected Illinois , also known through its Broadband Illinois website, today announced further efforts to utilize broadband for driving better learning tools for school children, growing the State’s job base, driving innovation and increasing economic prosperity, and improving health care.

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