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NTIA: State Broadband Initiatives Need To Demonstrate Value of Mapping, Planning Efforts
Demonstrating the importance of broadband planning and mapping at the statewide and local levels is the key priority for the the remaining 18 months of the state broadband initiative program, said Larry Strickling, Assistant Secretary of the National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA).
FCC Workshop Panelists: Public and Private Partnerships Vital to Fiber Initiatives
WASHINGTON, D.C. - March 27, 2013 - The Illinois Gigabit Communities Challenge, along with similar initiatives, was cited as a key to keeping the United States competitive in the global economic market Wednesday during a workshop held by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, D.C.
Better Broadband, Better Lifeline Pilot Program Set to Launch April 1
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, March 7, 2013 -- A new pilot program, set to launch April 1 will provide up to $1.5 million in discounted internet service and additional funds for digital literacy training, and low-cost desktop computers to low-income households in 35 rural Illinois counties.
Building Private-Public Partnerships is Key to Success for Broadband Expansion in Illinois

We’ve seen multiple news articles in the first months of 2013 that present challenges and opportunities in our core broadband space. At Broadband Illinois, we’re tuned in to happenings in the high-speed realm both for our own state and for the lessons learned elsewhere. 

U.S. Cellular Receives Four “Mobility Fund” Grants for Illinois


U.S. Cellular received four "Mobility Grants" for Illinois, totalling about $3.5 million. 

Washington, October 3, 2012 -- FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski today announced the winners of America’s first ‘Mobility Fund’ auction. This market-based policy innovation was part of the Commission’s once-in-a-generation reform of the Universal Service Program last year, which allocated $300 million in savings from cutting waste and inefficiency, to a new Mobility Fund aimed at closing gaps in mobile coverage across the U.S. The effort marks the first time in history the Commission has made universal mobile service an express universal service goal. 

Broadband Illinois invites bids on providing up to 3,500 refurbished personal computers

Broadband Illinois invites you to bid on providing up to 3,500 refurbished personal computer desktops and accessories.

FCC: Nearly 400,000 Unserved Americans in Rural Communities Will Gain Access to High-Speed Internet Within Three Years
Washington, D.C. – The Federal Communications Commission today announced that nearly 400,000 residents and small business owners in 37 states will gain access to high-speed Internet within three years, as a result of the first phase of the ‘Connect America Fund.’ About $115 million of public funding will be coupled with tens of millions more in private investment to quickly expand broadband infrastructure to rural communities in every region of the nation. Many projects will begin immediately, and all projects must be completed within three years.
News from Broadband Illinois, July 18th, 2012
Read about Broadband Illinois' recent activities and help us bring better connectivity to all Illinoisans!
Broadband Illinois Submits Innovative Funding Request to Federal Communications Commission
Low-income Illinois residents in 35 rural counties could receive $2 million in funding for refurbished computers, digital literacy training and subsidized internet service as a result of an application filed by the Partnership for a Connected Illinois to a new Federal Communications Commission broadband adoption pilot program.
Working to Get Illinois Using Broadband
Broadband is about more than wires and fiber, it’s about connecting people to better lives though better opportunities. Observers have long recognized that we must address the needs of those who have not yet migrated to the digital age—If we are not careful, they will be the digital have-nots. While 97 percent of Americans have access to telephone service, adoption of broadband remains at 69 percent. Illinois has kept exactly in line with this nationwide rate, but that means we still fall behind 23 other states.
New FCC Lifeline Pilot Program to Study Effects of Discounts and Training on Broadband Adoption Rates
On June 6th, Broadband Illinois, the Illinois Commerce Commission, the Universal Telephone Assistance Corporation, and Connected Living led a webinar to inform Illinois broadband providers of the new Lifeline Pilot Program of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 
FCC and private companies aim to shrink digital divide
The federal government announced a major effort for its initiative to get low-income students and families low-cost computers and high-speed Internet this week.
Libraries as building blocks for learning and careers in local areas across illinois – and the nation

Education is FCC National Broadband Plan National Need #3. Libraries are local community anchor institutions focused directly on learning, working alongside schools, museums, cultural and social service centers, business centers, and congregations. Below are Local (A), State (B), and National (C)) resources on how to best use and demonstrate through graphics, photographs and stories the daily benefits to youth, adults, seniors, businesses, and public agencies of exploiting every community library’s human and technology resources. 

Bringing Broadband to All Americans
Although new devices/phones, the economy, and jobs seem to dominate the headlines, the Federal Communications Commission remains focused on a key priority of the Obama Administration: making sure broadband Internet is available and adopted by all Americans. Developments in the last week point toward bigger policy decisions expected by the end of October.
FCC says broadband could create 2.4 million jobs
Increasing broadband penetration by seven percent could create an additional 2.4 million new jobs, the FCC says. 
FCC Announces Public Testing of First Television White Spaces Database
Freeing valuable spectrum will open the doors for new industries to develop, create American jobs, and lead to new technologies and services.
Does USF Reform Put RUS Loans at Risk of Default?
Loans recently made to small telcos by the Rural Utilities Service would no longer be “financially feasible” if the FCC caps the Universal Service fund, according to data filed by the RUS with the FCC last week. The telecom group of the RUS, part of the Department of Agriculture, has historically funded telecom and broadband network construction throughout rural America
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