About GeoPDF Maps

About Our Provider Data GeoPDF Maps

Our maps were created through exchanges between PCI and the provider.  PCI created original versions of the maps and worked with the provider until they approved of the map, or did not request any further updates be made.  These maps are meant to be used for preliminary review purposes only.  As more complete data is collected, the map will be updated and will contain more accurate information.  PCI is always willing and ready to update maps based on expanded coverage and/or corrections to the map.

Click on the GeoPDF below to open a zoomable map that displays speed tiers by layer (requires Adobe Reader). Click on the icon to view layers. (Note: If the icon does not appear, you may need to click on the Adobe Reader icon to show the Adobe toolbar.)

If you would like to edit the map, please download the GeoPDF edit tool here.

With this tool, you can do things like measure distances between objects in the map, add your own comments to specific places on the map, view the files in conjunction with Google Maps, or even integrate them with your GPS to track your position on the map.

To maximize your editing capabilities, ensure that your GeoPDF map is comment-enabled with Adobe Acrobat Professional so that you can add GeoMarks such as comments, photos, videos, lines and polygons while using Adobe Reader.

Please feel free to edit your own copy of any provider file and email it back to intake@broadbandillinois.org for examination and possible corrections to our database.

DOWNLOAD TOOL TO EDIT MAPS: http://www.terragotech.com/products/terrago-toolbar/register

VIDEO TUTORIAL: http://www.terragotech.com/products/terrago-toolbar (Right click or option-click the link and choose "Save As..." to download a file.)   You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, download or print the maps listed below.  To install, please click here.

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