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2020 Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership

The Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI), announces the opening of nominations for its 2020 Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership.  The COVID-19 pandemic has required health care practices to rapidly adopt a variety of telehealth capabilities to continue providing care and access to providers while keeping workers and patients safe from the virus. The pandemic has led to exceptional expansion of telehealth in Illinois.  The Awards for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership are given to individuals and organizations that have made exceptional contributions to advancing telehealth in Illinois on behalf of their members, employees, communities, providers, and patients.

Nominations, due by October 1, 2020 are for three categories:

  • Improved Care for Underserved Populations: Award for an organization that incorporates virtual health care (telehealth) services as part of an initiative resulting in improved quality of care and better value healthcare for an underserved population of patients in Illinois.  
  • Improved Policy Changes to Advance Telehealth:  Award for an individual or organization that demonstrated leadership in Illinois in promoting and advocating for improved telehealth policies, laws and regulations.
  • Advancing Telehealth by Innovation: Award for an organization that advanced telehealth in Illinois through innovative technology, health applications or approaches to fostering partnerships and collaboration.

The nomination form, timetable, and list of past awardees are available below:



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