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What can you do if you don't have broadband in your area? will help make it easier for you to get connected. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Check for carriers in your area by using the widget on our website found here. If there are carriers listed, you can contact them to get connected.
  2. If the carrier lets you know service isn't available, you can fill out the form below and we'll see to it that carriers in your area know you're ready to have high speed internet at your home or business.

(if applicable)

Example: 555-555-5555
Internet service

Do you already have Internet service at this location? If so, what kind of service do you have at present?

Terms of agreement

I understand and agree that the information I provide will be used by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) members of Partnership for a Connected Illinois for purposes of evaluating their ability to meet my Internet connectivity requirements. My address information may be used to develop maps to help Partnership for a Connected Illinois to understand where gaps in Internet availability may exist. I grant approval to the member ISPs of Partnership for a Connected Illinois to contact me, using the information provided, for the purpose of attempting to provide to me Internet service. Partnership for a Connected Illinois and its member ISPs will use this information only for these purposes and no others.

When you submit this form, we will send your request to all the Internet service providers that have agreed to be contacted, and any providers who believe they can provide service to you will contact you.

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