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Presence Health Receives Partnership for a Connected Illinois Award for Excellence in Telehealth Leadership
Presence Health Cited for Leading Telehealth Legislative Change Supporting Behavioral Health Patients
Digital Health: An Improving Environment for Investors
The integration of technology into health care delivery is exploding throughout the health industry landscape. Commentators speculating on the implications of the information revolution’s penetration of the health care industry envision delivery models rivaling those imagined by celebrated science fiction authors, and claim that the integration of information technology into even the most basic health care delivery functions can reduce cost, increase access, improve quality and, in some instances, fundamentally change the way health care is delivered.
Telemedicine shows promise in Parkinson’s disease care
Like countless other patients, Ann Johnson, a retired veterinarian, has been willing to travel long distances and devote an entire day to be treated by a specialist at Rush University Medical Center. But a recent appointment lasted less than 30 minutes, and the only travel was to her living room.
Partnership for a Connected Illinois Hosts Second Telehealth Law Forum
The Partnership for a Connected Illinois has wrapped up the second of a three-part series of Telehealth Law Forums.
SIU plans major expansion of telehealth services
From his family’s dining room table in Lincoln — through his parents’ webcam-enabled laptop on a home WiFi network — 5-year-old David Heady worked to expand his vocabulary and improve his pronunciation Monday with the help of a therapist sitting in her office in Springfield.
Live Video Is Most Prominent Reimbursed Form Of Telehealth

The most predominant reimbursed form of telehealth is live video. The District of Columbia and 47 states provided reimbursement for live video in Medicaid fee-for-service last year. Nine states reimburse for store and forward telemedicine, and sixteen states offer reimbursement for remote patient monitoring (RPM), remaining static from last year. Only five state Medicaid programs (Alaska, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, and Washington) reimburse for all three telehealth services (live feed, store and forward, and RPM), an increase of one state since July 2015.

Pinckneyville hospital offers telemedicine services for stroke patients
Pinckneyville Community Hospital is partnering with the Southern Illinois Telemedicine Initiative to offer state-of-the-art telemedicine technology that puts patients in touch with immediate time-saving, life-saving stroke evaluation and treatment.
Could Insurers Use Telemedicine to Widen Provider Networks?
Many states are tightening their network adequacy standards, and telemedicine might help insurance companies meet those standards, especially in rural and underserved areas, notes a new report sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Telehealth helps enhance care for patients in McHenry County
According to the Illinois Telehealth Initiative, an initiative of Partnership for Connected Illinois, there is a projected shortage of 130,000 physicians by 2025, meaning it will be more important to connect patients with doctors across distance.
Illinois Telemedicine Rules: Licensing, Practice, Payment
National Law Review
Tackling Sepsis With Telemedicine

Backed by an AHRQ grant, an Illinois health system is building a platform to help rural doctors identify and treat sepsis, dubbed the top preventable cause of deaths in hospitals

On National Rural Health Day, USDA Announces $23.4 Million in Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants for 75 Projects in 31 States
Springfield, Illinois based St. John's Hospital chosen to receive funds to provide teleconferencing equipment to three rural hospitals.
An “All of the Above” Approach to Rural Broadband
Illinois Representative John Shimkus writes in support of broadband and telemedicine in rural Ilinois communities.
AMA Again Delays Ruling on Telemedicine Ethics

The decision leaves state medical boards and providers in limbo, while delegates debate the definition of a valid doctor-patient encounter.

CMS Finalizes Medicare Payment Model With Telehealth Implications

The Growing Trend of Telemedicine
Walgreens Announces New Digital Health Initiatives; Expands Access to Enhanced MDLIVE Live Doctor Consultation Offering to 20 Additional States

Walgreens Connect app powered by Qualcomm Life enables Balance® Rewards members to automatically earn points when using Well at Walgreens Bluetooth blood glucose and blood pressure devices

Company discusses new programs and overall telehealth strategy at mHealth Summit

PCI Announces Refined Direction
PCI to focus on Illinois Telehealth Initiative
Illinois Telehealth Initiative Launched to Improve Adoption

Several hospitals and technology companies have come together to start the Illinois Telehealth Initiative.

Study: Broadband Boosts Rural Jobs, Income
Study finds benefits of broadband in rural communities, increased jobs and income. 
Kids and Technology: Can We Ever Really Keep Up?
How can parents stay involved with their kids online if parents are being left behind by today's technology?
Experts Discuss 4 Major Barriers to Telehealth Adoption

While technology has reached a level where high-quality virtual consultations with physicians can take place, policy issues have slowed the expansion of telehealth practices in the U.S.

Expert Panel to Discuss Healthcare Needs and Challenges at Broadband Telemedicine Summit
The opening panel of the Broadband Telemedicine Summit, set for May 20 in St. Louis, Mo., will feature experts who will discuss healthcare needs and challenges faced in the advancement and adoption of telemedicine.
Earlybird Registration Available for Broadband Telemedicine Summit
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, April 1, 2013 – Organizers of the inaugural Broadband Telemedicine Summit today announced more affordable categories of pricing tiers and robust additions to the event’s agenda.
Participants who register for the summit before April 15 are eligible for an early bird rate of $50. Discounts for students and public interest organizations are also available.
Telemedicine Summit to Bring Together Healthcare Leaders from 3 States

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, March 13, 2013 – A first-of-its-kind telemedicine event is bringing together healthcare leaders, government officials and broadband enthusiasts from 3 states to discuss how high-speed internet is revolutionizing the medical industry. 

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