Broadband Illinois Updates Carrier Information on Website, Including 'Find Broadband Tool'

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, October 24, 2012 -- Broadband Illinois has submitted its sixth round of data to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).Round6

The NTIA will be updating the National Broadband Map for all states in coming months. However, with the update, the data and maps on the Broadband Illinois show the current landscape for broadband access in Illinois.

In this submission, 69 internet carriers provided data on coverage and broadband speeds. Fourteen of these 69 carriers are submitting their coverage areas to Broadband Illinois for the first time.

Broadband Illinois also improved its Community Anchor Institution database through telephone verification of data and a focus on library public Wi-Fi and URL variables. 

In the last week, this new data has been used to update the interactive, "Find Broadband Near You" map on the Broadband Illinois website.  The map allows users to enter an Illinois address and see available options for broadband carriers near them. 

Consumers who have searched this map in the past are encouraged to try the feature again because of the updated data now available. 

"Updates made in this round were very expansive and new carriers with large coverage areas were added," said Steve Dryden, Geographic Information Systems Analyst at Broadband Illinois. "Consumers may now have new options that were not previously available." 

If the updated data on the map doesn't produce a favorable result for a consumer's location, users may use the "Request Broadband Tool". This feature automatically notifies all incumbent carriers in the consumer's county that they have a potential customer who wants better broadband for their home or business. 

An updated Illinois speed-tier map has already been created and a Geo-PDF is available for download here

EffCoUpdates for all 102 Illinois counties are also available. Click here to download a county data map. 

Updated coverage maps for all carriers will be published in the coming weeks. 

The full methodology paper submitted to the NTIA provides specific details on carrier outreach, data collection and updates, non-disclosure agreements, and more.   

Click to download the Round 6 methodology paper.

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