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Broadband Illinois Updates Carrier Information on Website, Including 'Find Broadband Tool'
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, October 24, 2012 -- Broadband Illinois has submitted its sixth round of data to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). In this submission, 69 internet carriers provided data on coverage and broadband speeds and Illinois' updates will be included in the National Broadband Map. Fourteen of these 69 carriers are submitting their coverage areas to Broadband Illinois for the first time.
5th Data Submission Complete: Updated Information on Providers, Speeds Available
More Illinoisans than ever have access to high-speed (broadband) Internet and carriers are continuing to expand their service areas, according to new data collected by the non-profit Partnership for a Connected Illinois. The organization, also known by its Broadband Illinois website, is responsible to the state and the federal government to collect and publish information from providers of high-speed Internet service. .
PCI Submits Data to Update National Broadband Map

The Partnership for a Connected Illinois (PCI) today made its fourth semi-annual submission of broadband coverage and community anchor institution data to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA).