Keynote Speaker: Curtis Lowery

Keynote speaker: Dr. Curtis Lowery, MD, Angels Network in Arkansas

Dr. Curtis Lowery is viewed as a champion of antenatal and neonatal telemedicine benefitting patients and doctors alike. Dr. Lowery serves as the chair for UAMS' Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. He has changed the way healthcare is provided to women with high-risk pregnancies throughout Arkansas. In addition to bringing healthcare access through telemedicine, he facilitated the process in which Arkansas insurance handles telemedicine, increased Medicaid reimbursements for care provided through telemedicine, and promoted a state-wide understanding of the benefits of telemedicine to health care facilities and the patients they serve. More than 60 hospitals and community clinics in rural Arkansas receive medical consultations combined with provider and patient education through telemedicine. Dr. Lowery has been recognized as an educational and clinical innovator through awards received from the Harvard University Ash Institute and the AT&T Center for Telehealth Research and Policy. In 2011, UAMS received the American Telemedicine Association President’s Institutional Award for the Advancement of Telemedicine.

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