Action Planning Session

The summit will culminate in the development of an action plan describing key steps for stimulating telemedicine practices in Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas. Each state is expected to leave the summit with at least five actionable items (i.e., project ideas, policy actions). During the action planning session, attendees will break out into small groups to focus on specific areas of interest and report back to the larger group at 1-2 actions will work on over the next year. The final action plans will be published on the State Broadband Organizations and Telehealth Resource Center web sites. Then over the next year, attendees will work with others in their state to carry out the action plans developed during the summit. We will meet again in 2014 to review progress and chart a path for the next year.


The Telehealth Resource Centers serving Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas will facilitate the action planning session. Rachel Mutrux, director of the Missouri Telehealth Network, is the lead organizer for the action planning session. Rachel has experience in running action planning sessions in her role in the University of Missouri’s Telehealth Network. She is joined by Gordon Alloway, Project Director, Heartland Telehealth Resource Center (which serves Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma), South Central Telehealth Resource Center (which serves Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee), and Becky Sanders, Director of the Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center (which serves Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio).

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