2013 Residential Broadband Pricing Report

A new report from Broadband Illinois sheds new light on how prices of residential broadband vary across different speed tiers and geographic locations through Illinois. The 37-page report analyzes the pricing for various broadband speed options and subscription plans across Illinois during the May 2013 timeframe.

According to the GIS team at Broadband Illinois, the purpose of the study is to not find where the cheapest service, but to examine patterns in pricing related to speeds. The report also outlines ongoing household patterns in certain geographic locations.

“I believe this report breaks new ground in terms of Illinois', and America's, quantitative understanding of the prices at which broadband service is available throughout the state,” said Drew Clark, Executive Director for Broadband Illinois. “I think that this will truly showcase Illinois' data collection capabilities and highlight them in a positive light. This is a fantastic step forward as part of our ongoing effort to assess the broadband climate in the state of Illinois.”

Information used in the report was gathered by visiting Illinois provider websites during the month of May, 2013.  Data variables recorded for the report includes technology, bundle requirement, if the was for a business or residence, download/upload speeds, price and data caps.

Read more about the report here.

Download the entire report here.

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