Broadband Access in Illinois' Baseline Study of Supply

Illinois Broadband MapIn August, 2011 the Partnership for a Connected Illinois published "Broadband Access in Illinois: A Baseline Snapshot," summarizing the state of broadband supply in Illinois.

The report, a product of data and geographic analysis by the PCI Data Team, provides a useful summary of the broadband supply information that has been collected and published on the Broadband Illinois web site since February 2011, and which is currently being updated with new, fresh data.

The report is available at this link.

This statewide baseline inventory for supply of broadband aims to quantify what is currently known about broadband providers within Illinois.

 “Broadband Access in Illinois” summarizes the following research outcomes:

  • Inventorying and quantifying the state of broadband access, and the advertised speeds of access, in Illinois, according to the best available information;
  • Defining and developing metrics against which to evaluate changes in broadband access across the State;
  • Introducing the concepts of ranking in assisting the State with assessing how different geographic units (such as counties) compare against each other relative to broadband supply, which particular reference to advertised speeds and availability.

"Broadband Access in Illinois" is authored by Dr. Mike Rudibaugh, PCI Director of Mapping and Analysis; and Brian Webster, PCI Telecom Data Coordinator.

The study helps set the stage for broader discussion about broadband supply and demand throughout the State, and PCI encourages feedback on the report to


Community Financing Tools for Broadband Infrastructure

TIF and New Market Tax Credits: Economic Development Finance Tools with Applicability for Broadband

Presented by Tony Q. Smith, S. B. Friedman & Company

November 5, 2013- Broadband Communities Economic Development Conference, Tinley Park, IL

Presentation includes tips used in the economic development arena to build brick and mortar structures that can also be used to build broadband infrastructure. Tax credits for these projects must be used to invest in economically underserved areas. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts are created by the taxing body and can be used for infrastructure as well.  

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