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Pinckneyville hospital offers telemedicine services for stroke patients
Pinckneyville Community Hospital is partnering with the Southern Illinois Telemedicine Initiative to offer state-of-the-art telemedicine technology that puts patients in touch with immediate time-saving, life-saving stroke evaluation and treatment.
Could Insurers Use Telemedicine to Widen Provider Networks?
Many states are tightening their network adequacy standards, and telemedicine might help insurance companies meet those standards, especially in rural and underserved areas, notes a new report sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
Telehealth helps enhance care for patients in McHenry County
According to the Illinois Telehealth Initiative, an initiative of Partnership for Connected Illinois, there is a projected shortage of 130,000 physicians by 2025, meaning it will be more important to connect patients with doctors across distance.
Illinois Telemedicine Rules: Licensing, Practice, Payment
National Law Review
Tackling Sepsis With Telemedicine

Backed by an AHRQ grant, an Illinois health system is building a platform to help rural doctors identify and treat sepsis, dubbed the top preventable cause of deaths in hospitals

Illinois Telehealth Initiative Launched to Improve Adoption

Several hospitals and technology companies have come together to start the Illinois Telehealth Initiative.

Experts Discuss 4 Major Barriers to Telehealth Adoption

While technology has reached a level where high-quality virtual consultations with physicians can take place, policy issues have slowed the expansion of telehealth practices in the U.S.

Inaugural Broadband Telemedicine Summit Convenes Top Healthcare Technology Authorities
Broadband Illinois convened the inaugural Broadband Telemedicine Summit on Monday, May 20, bringing together healthcare leaders, government officials and broadband enthusiasts from three states to discuss how high-speed internet is revolutionizing the medical industry.
Earlybird Registration Available for Broadband Telemedicine Summit
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, April 1, 2013 – Organizers of the inaugural Broadband Telemedicine Summit today announced more affordable categories of pricing tiers and robust additions to the event’s agenda.
Participants who register for the summit before April 15 are eligible for an early bird rate of $50. Discounts for students and public interest organizations are also available.
Telemedicine Summit to Bring Together Healthcare Leaders from 3 States

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, March 13, 2013 – A first-of-its-kind telemedicine event is bringing together healthcare leaders, government officials and broadband enthusiasts from 3 states to discuss how high-speed internet is revolutionizing the medical industry. 

Telemedicine: The New Pulse of Rural Health Care
Right now, the state of Illinois is in the midst of developing its broadband infrastructure. And, there are so many interested parties out there, either keeping a watchful eye on the development, or actively taking a role in shaping the future of Illinois broadband that the situation can become very convoluted.
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