Public-Safety Broadband Network Could Generate Thousands of New Jobs

The National Journal reported:

President Obama’s jobs bill presents yet another vehicle for moving spectrum legislation, but provides little clarity on which path Congress ultimately will take to move a measure aimed at freeing up more spectrum for wireless broadband technologies and building a national broadband network for public safety.

...Public-safety officials on Tuesday promoted a report issued last week that details how building a public-safety broadband network could generate thousands of new jobs, making it an important element in any legislation Congress passes to spur job creation.  

The report from private advisory firm Sonecon for the Telecommunications Industry Association underscores the need for the network, “both to keep our nation safe during terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and everyday emergencies, and to help spark the economy with new, positive job creation,” said Gregg Riddle, president of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International.

Click here to the full article in the National Journal.

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