PCI Launches Telehealth Crowdfunding Campaign

For Immediate Release: 4/10/2015

The Partnership for a Connected Illinois has launched a crowdfunding campaign to advance the Illinois Telehealth Initiative.
The Illinois Telehealth Initiative aims to alleviate many projected healthcare problems, including: a projected shortage of 130,000 physicians over the next 10 years, an increase of about 32 million insured, and an aging population seeking more frequent care. 

Telehealth allows physicians to care for underserved communities by providing access to healthcare and improving quality of care by removing the burden of distance between the providers and patient, maximizing efficiency of provider time, thereby, allowing more patients to be served, and creating opportunities for providers to monitor a patient’s condition.

The Partnership for a Connected Illinois is seeking $25,000 in start-up funding for the Illinois Telehealth Initiative. The funding will be used to finance the early stage efforts of identifying stakeholders and begin the process of identifying funding for demonstration projects.

The Illinois Telehealth Initiative crowdfunding page can be found at http://www.razoo.com/story/Illinois-Telehealth-Initiative.

For more information contact, Nancy Kaszak, Director of the Illinois Telehealth Initiative, nancy.kaszak@broadbandillinois.org, 773-614-1930.


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