Eureka College Upgrading Internet Connection

EUREKA — When Eureka College students return to campus in August, they’ll find broadband Internet as they start to hit the books.

“It will be 20-fold what we currently have,” said Marc Pasteris, the college’s vice president of finance and facilities.

That will translate into students being able to use technological devices, including computers, phones, and tablets in a variety of ways, both for classroom and recreational purposes.

“Students are used to using technological support,” Pasteris said. “This will offer more technology in the classroom interwoven with learning tools and research. Students are much more capable of using technology these days. This will bring a whole new level of capacity for information. Their minds are going to churn and churn and churn.”

Broadband is basically higher-speed Internet, which is possible when a wider bandwidth allows multiple signals to be sent at the same time. The college is partnering with Central Illinois Regional Broadband Network, which will provide high-speed, low-cost Internet to 19 communities in six Central Illinois counties.

Funding for CIRBN is provided by federal and state grants and private contributions. Illinois State University was instrumental in bringing the fiber-optic network to Central Illinois through a grant initiative.

“Each year we have more demand and we need more bandwidth,” said Kanaka Kumara, senior systems analyst at Eureka College. “This will allow us to use cloud-based services, mix cloud-based and local data bases, and a cloud-based library.”

Students will also benefit personally and recreationally by being able to browse the web faster, download photos and videos, participate in multi-player online gaming and use the Internet in other ways, school leaders said.

Pasteris said the college will connect to the broadband in August.

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