Broadband Deployment Council Meets Tomorrow to Discuss Innovation Fund, Chicago Broadband Challenge and more

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, September 27, 2012 – Broadband enthusiasts across the State will gather tomorrow to discuss the Illinois Broadband Innovation Fund, the Chicago Broadband Challenge and progress by broadband-related committees.

The Governor's Broadband Deployment Council meets at 2 p.m. tomorrow, September 28. Participants may attend in person in Chicago or Springfield or through a dial-in number. Anyone interested in broadband is welcome to attend. Other agenda items include eTeam progress, an upcoming Research Symposium in Champaign, and right-of-ways.

Visit for detailed logistics and a copy of the agenda.

Founded in 2005, the Broadband Deployment council works to improve access to broadband networks for residential consumers and public, private, and not-for profit organizations throughout Illinois. 

“Technology is crucial to every community throughout the State, it improves public safety, education and improves economic development,” said Governor Pat Quinn, who established the council while serving as Lieutenant Governor. “Illinois cannot afford to leave any community or neighborhood behind when it comes to connecting businesses and citizens to the internet.”

The Broadband Deployment Council is made up of members of Illinois government as well as appointed broadband champions from various sectors throughout the state.  The council has recently broken into three committees that mirror the three missions of the Partnership for a Connected Illinois: Access and Infrastructure, Adoption and Use, Information and Research.  

Of the 23 total council members, many have been involved since inception and others have joined in more recent years. Meetings are open to all council members and anyone interested in discussing broadband in Illinois.

Below are five testimonials from current council members on how the group is working towards Better Broadband for Illinois.

  • “The fact that we have a Governor who recognized the importance of ‘leaving no one behind’ in broadband communications inspired me to join and work towards making Illinois the best state in the nation concerning high-speed broadband communications,” said Bruce Cooper Director of NOW Wireless. “That work continues today and is just as important in bringing jobs, better healthcare and greater educational opportunities to all Illinois residents.”
  • "The Broadband Deployment Council is not only enhancing general access to broadband, but is also addressing core foundation infrastructure requirements to ensure the State has a long term communications platform that can support leading edge 21st century services and capabilities,” said Joe Mambretti council member and Director of the International Center for Advanced Internet Research at Northwestern University
  • “The council has been instrumental in moving the State of Illinois into a competitive broadband technology region,” said Herb Kuryliw, Chief Network Architect for Northern Illinois University. “The BDC has taken action on a vision of affordable high speed broadband for the whole state and is utilizing highly creative and technical people who are continuing to broaden this vision for State of Illinois - making it the best location in the United States for technology and business.”
  • “The council is providing the leadership Illinois needs in this time of Internet use by so many,” said Alice Calabrese-Berry, President of the River Forest Public Library Board of Trustees. “Public libraries face a crisis in providing high-speed access to library users due to middle mile and last mile issues.  Internet use in public libraries is sometimes the only access Illinois residents have in rural less populated areas.  BDC is determined to allow for more digital inclusivity expanding broadband across the state.”
  • Terence Sullivan, Technology Director for Shiloh School says, "the council started as a forum to share needs and ideas. It was a key reason Illinois was successful securing AARA Funding to push broadband closer to all citizens.  Universal access to high speed Internet is the key to Illinois' future. It is crucial for economic development, to provide our students a 21st Century education, and improving the quality of life for all citizens."


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