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Rahm's broadband plan draws lots of interest
Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to position Chicago for the digital age has received a warm reception from telecom providers, with more than a score of companies, including industry leaders, seriously kicking tires on the idea of providing ultra-high-speed broadband and expanded free Wi-Fi service here.
Mayor Emanuel, CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett, Microsoft and United Way Announce the Opening of 12 New Parent Engagement Centers in CPS
Centers Are Being Piloted in 12 Schools As Part of the Administration’s Focus on Encouraging Parental Involvement in Their Children’s Education; Pilot Is A Collaboration with Microsoft, United Way and Chicago Public Schools That Helps Parents Develop the Digital Skills they Need to Help Their Children Continue Learning
Special Report: Chicago Broadband Challenge
  • On September 24, 2012 Mayor Emanuel announced an ambitious broadband initiative with a three key missions:
  1. Build gigabit last-mile fiber infrastructure in 15 “innovation zones” located in commercial and industrial corridors throughout the city, feeding Chicago’s growing startup community.
  2. Bring cheap broadband access to underserved neighborhoods in the city and develop training programs to teach residents in those areas the “digital skills” necessary to put that access to use.
  3. Launch a network of free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout city parks, plazas and other public spaces.