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10th and Final NTIA Data Submission Complete

National Broadband Map data submission completed, maps updated over coming months

Building Private-Public Partnerships is Key to Success for Broadband Expansion in Illinois

We’ve seen multiple news articles in the first months of 2013 that present challenges and opportunities in our core broadband space. At Broadband Illinois, we’re tuned in to happenings in the high-speed realm both for our own state and for the lessons learned elsewhere. 

Provider Spotlight: Wisper ISP

BELLEVILLE, September 26, 2012 -- In 2003, Nathan Stooke's neighbor needed broadband. 

While Stooke had high-speed access on his side of the street, his neighbor, a small business owner, was not so lucky. Stooke began to investigate how wireless internet worked, and was soon providing service to his neighbor. 

Spotlight on CenturyLink

CenturyLink is continuing to build a presence in Illinois. With a geographic footprint reaching north to Jo Davies County and south to Mason County, CenturyLink operates 22 exchanges in three geographic regions of Illinois with more than 37,000 access lines.

“We try to be conscious of the competition,” said John Fordham, Manager Area Operations in the Illinois Market for CenturyLink. “We are competing for the same customers in many regions, which is a double-edged sword. It encourages us to be better in order to the offer customer better service and better pricing. They see that as a real value.”

Frontier Communications and Hughes Announce Wholesale Agreement to Provide Satellite Broadband Services
Several hundred thousand households and businesses targeted for new Frontier Broadband Service
5th Data Submission Complete: Updated Information on Providers, Speeds Available
More Illinoisans than ever have access to high-speed (broadband) Internet and carriers are continuing to expand their service areas, according to new data collected by the non-profit Partnership for a Connected Illinois. The organization, also known by its Broadband Illinois website, is responsible to the state and the federal government to collect and publish information from providers of high-speed Internet service. .