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Provider Spotlight: Network Business Systems, Inc
1.  Tell us about your business. What inspired you to start your business? How is your business successful? What makes it unique?   ----NBS is a full service WISP, starting in business as a software designer and consultant in 1991. We started the WISP in 1999 due to the lack of high speed internet in our rural area, and since have acquired either completely or partially 7 smaller WISPS and one webhosting company. We employ 9 full time employees, have a network of 80 water towers, grain legs, private and commercial towers covering 18 counties. We serve over 1600 residential and commercial users, including several public schools.
Provider Spotlight: Metro Communications Company

Zachary Horn, President of Metro Communications Company, is working to expand their network throughout East Central Illinois and shared information on some of the company’s innovative updates and expansions in the following interview.

Cyber Broadcasting Utilizes Mapping Data to Expand, Serve Housing Authorities
Cesare Bratta is the President of Cyber Broadcasting, LLC, based out of Coal City. He frequently attends eTeam meetings in the Northwest and North Central regions and has even utilized Broadband Illinois speed-tier maps to expand his coverage area. 
Joink LLC Expands Service Area in East Central Illinois

Brian Gray is the Network Manager at Joink LLC, a provider of high-speed internet in Southeast Central Illinois and Western Indiana.

Are you serving any interesting anchor institutions or businesses that are using your services to do innovative things?

Absolutely!  We provide Internet connectivity to many medical facilities, local governments, K-12 schools, and home businesses in Illinois and Indiana.  As for distance learning, I know we have a number of home users who use the Internet for getting higher education online.  Usually, these are adults who have full-time jobs and are trying to improve their lives by receiving a college education.
Provider Spotlight: Q &A with Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Downtown Champaign. The company employs 95 people with 85 in Champaign/Urbana.  Pavlov Media operates in 37 states in more than 140 markets throughout the country. 

Provider Spotlight: Wisper ISP

BELLEVILLE, September 26, 2012 -- In 2003, Nathan Stooke's neighbor needed broadband. 

While Stooke had high-speed access on his side of the street, his neighbor, a small business owner, was not so lucky. Stooke began to investigate how wireless internet worked, and was soon providing service to his neighbor.