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Cyber Broadcasting Utilizes Mapping Data to Expand, Serve Housing Authorities
Cesare Bratta is the President of Cyber Broadcasting, LLC, based out of Coal City. He frequently attends eTeam meetings in the Northwest and North Central regions and has even utilized Broadband Illinois speed-tier maps to expand his coverage area. 
Joink LLC Expands Service Area in East Central Illinois

Brian Gray is the Network Manager at Joink LLC, a provider of high-speed internet in Southeast Central Illinois and Western Indiana.

Are you serving any interesting anchor institutions or businesses that are using your services to do innovative things?

Absolutely!  We provide Internet connectivity to many medical facilities, local governments, K-12 schools, and home businesses in Illinois and Indiana.  As for distance learning, I know we have a number of home users who use the Internet for getting higher education online.  Usually, these are adults who have full-time jobs and are trying to improve their lives by receiving a college education.
Provider Spotlight: Wisper ISP

BELLEVILLE, September 26, 2012 -- In 2003, Nathan Stooke's neighbor needed broadband. 

While Stooke had high-speed access on his side of the street, his neighbor, a small business owner, was not so lucky. Stooke began to investigate how wireless internet worked, and was soon providing service to his neighbor. 

Wireless Access Increases Sales, Access to Fresh Foods

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois – September 7, 2012. More Illinois families will have access to affordable, local produce thanks to a federal grant that will double the amount of farmer’s markets using wireless technology to accept payment. 

4SIWI Provides Wireless Service to Southern Illinois

“We started at my Uncle’s kitchen table,” said Ceci Perry Uban of For Southern Illinois Wireless Internet’s (4SIWI) humble beginnings. 

4SIWI started out as a plan to build out a fiber ring in Marion, Ill., with fiber to business connections, but grew when the company purchased the existing customer base of a wireless network of sixteen towers.