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Central eTeam Hosts Kick-off Meeting
Broadband enthusiasts from twelve Central Illinois counties gathered in Springfield on June 13 for a kick- off meeting of the Central eTeam. High-speed internet access, adoption and education were hot topics of discussion amongst providers, economic development professionals, and community leaders from across the region.
Howard, PCI’s Benton honored for ushering in a new era of Illinois Broadband supremacy

In an age when seniors might get looks of pity from younger tech heads hanging by the Apple Store, you might not realize that one woman who will turn 70 next year has been a prime mover in getting Illinois wired for the 21st Century. Rep. Constance A. Howard (D-34th) of the Illinois General Assembly was honored Wednesday evening for her long record of accomplishment and efforts to close the digital divide and beef up the state’s broadband network. Howard led a panel of five state and federal political leaders as part of the Central Illinois Broadband Summit, held at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and hosted by Broadband Illinois.