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Better Broadband, Better Lifeline Pilot Program Set to Launch April 1
SPRINGFIELD, Illinois, March 7, 2013 -- A new pilot program, set to launch April 1 will provide up to $1.5 million in discounted internet service and additional funds for digital literacy training, and low-cost desktop computers to low-income households in 35 rural Illinois counties.
Cyber Broadcasting Utilizes Mapping Data to Expand, Serve Housing Authorities
Cesare Bratta is the President of Cyber Broadcasting, LLC, based out of Coal City. He frequently attends eTeam meetings in the Northwest and North Central regions and has even utilized Broadband Illinois speed-tier maps to expand his coverage area. 
Broadband Illinois Submits Innovative Funding Request to Federal Communications Commission
Low-income Illinois residents in 35 rural counties could receive $2 million in funding for refurbished computers, digital literacy training and subsidized internet service as a result of an application filed by the Partnership for a Connected Illinois to a new Federal Communications Commission broadband adoption pilot program.
Special News About Broadband Lifeline
Special edition newsletter including the upcoming Lifeline pilot and an article on Connected Living.
Seniors Earn Diplomas from Connected Living Computer Training Program
The commencement ceremony was much like any other graduation. The graduates marched to their seats in the converted common room where friends, family, and fellow residents greeted them with applause. “Pomp and Circumstance” played over a loudspeaker as images of smiling faces were projected behind the stage. Onlookers stood in the wings snapping photos of the special day. Twenty-two seniors and community members had just received diplomas from the Connected Living computer training program at Mills Park Tower in Oak Park, Illinois.
Experts, academics strategize on building the road to broadband
Since the dawning days of the horseless carriage, it's been conventional wisdom in state governments that road projects put people to work. That theme resonated in 21st Century fashion at Wednesday's Central Illinois Broadband Summit, held at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign and hosted by Broadband Illinois.
Connected Living Program to get seniors online

Connected Living Program to get seniors online at the Western Illinois Area on Aging Office.  Innovative technology with personal training allows tenants to explore and use the web.