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Applying Moore's Law to Broadband and Civic Engagement

What does Moore’s Law (cooperation + competition = faster technology + lower prices) have to do with costs and performance of cities, counties and other public bodies?

Building Private-Public Partnerships is Key to Success for Broadband Expansion in Illinois

We’ve seen multiple news articles in the first months of 2013 that present challenges and opportunities in our core broadband space. At Broadband Illinois, we’re tuned in to happenings in the high-speed realm both for our own state and for the lessons learned elsewhere. 

Lighting and Heating Main Street and Residential Areas

Utilities and Broadband as Foundations for Economic Vitality in Rural and Urban Places

What does it take to upgrade lighting and heating utilities to achieve 21st Century energy savings and productivity?  How do decisions about Energy and the Environment – as one of seven needs identified in FCC National Broadband Plan – help local community institution networks gain confidence in their Digital Age visions for economic future?

9/11 Demonstrated Need for National Broadband Network
A New York Senator says 9/11 demonstrated the need for a nationwide broadband network that would enable first responders to communicate across jurisdictions.
Facing Tempests in Today's World: Preparing for Disasters Large and Small
In creating "safe and healthy" communities, Federal, state and local public safety and health communities and service organizations get stronger, more intelligent and accurate in communicating with everyone as they build social networks in every street and road.
5 Steps for Economic Vitality – Broadband as Nervous System of the Body Politic

Better Internet is good business for everyone in Illinois -- residents, business and public institutions alike.  Economic opportunity – for all residents, businesses, communities and regions -- is National Need #2 in FCC National Broadband Plan.  Broadband, as the nervous system of our local and regional economies, improves communication "nodes" linking and building flexibility and responsiveness in all parts of a healthy community's natural, built and people environment.

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