Broadband Illinois Research and Data Portal Webinar

Broadband Illinois recently published new reports on the utilization of high-speed internet in businesses, community anchor institutions and households in ten eTeam regions. 

Full data sets from this survey are available through an innovative online portal, the Digital Economy Analytics Platform (DEAP).  Broadband Illinois stakeholders, including regional eTeams, have access to the DEAP platform, and are invited to participate in an interactive webinar to learn more about it. Log in at 2p.m. CST on Monday, May 13 to learn more! 

The webinar will:

  • Examine the uses and benefits of the DEAP platform for all sectors of broadband stakeholders 
  • Show how to filter the data for residences and organizations to meet your interests and needs
  • Demonstrate how to produce reports on the data
  • Explain how you can gain access to this data to learn more

The reports are available for download at Illinois Broadband Usage Report.

Click here to register!