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Leveraging Economic Incentives for Start-ups: 1871 Panel
Highlights of the Leveraging Economic Incentives for Start-ups Panel at 1871
Frontier Communications Completes Network Improvement Bringing more network reliability and faster speeds to Carthage Area
Carthage IL sees improved speeds and reliability as Frontier completes infrastructure network
Frontier Communications Completes Network Improvement Bringing more network reliability and faster speeds to Monmouth Area
Monmouth IL sees improved speeds and reliability as Frontier completes infrastructure network
USDA Announces Funding for Rural Broadband and Telecommunications Infrastructure
USDA announces $190.5 million in funding for rural broadband infrastructure projects and improvements. 
LaSalle County event highlights iFiber network
Press release: iFiber recognizes completion of high-speed broadband network in LaSalle County and surrounding regions.
Chicago Innovation Exchange opens at the University of Chicago
New hub receives $1 million grant from state of Illinois, unveils public health pilot program with city of Chicago
AT&T Gigabit Markets to Include Chicago and Atlanta
AT&T announces Chicago will be one of its many Gigabit Cities
Days from 114th birthday, MN woman gets tech savvy
You're never too old for technology!
What to Do with a Gig? Applications for Hyperfast Gigabit Internet

A recent study imagines the ways hyperfast online connections will begin to transform everyday life, enabling new technologies while rendering contemporary ways of life obsolete.

Broadband in America: Improving Speeds & Access
Demand for faster broadband is growing, and the marketplace is responding to this demand. 
John Deere Makes an Economic Case for Rural Broadband Expansion
Farmers are getting more tech-savvy and using precision agriculture to increase yeilds. 
10th and Final NTIA Data Submission Complete

National Broadband Map data submission completed, maps updated over coming months

Arizona State University, Starbucks Partner for Online Higher Education

Colleges can't continue doing the same thing they have been for years if they want to help more students graduate. And one university is thinking outside the box.

Law Enforcement Agencies Turn to Technology to Ease Distractions

A consolidated system allows officers to use hand pads similar to joysticks that can be programmed to activate a car’s radio, lights, siren and public address system — often without having to take their eyes off the road

Marriott fined $600,000 by FCC for blocking guests' Wi-Fi
Mariott hotels fined for jamming guests personal wi-fi signals
The Top 10 IT Issues in Higher Ed for 2015

University technology leaders sound off on the issues they will face next year -- issues that highlight three major trends.

Maybe the Internet Isn’t Killing Newspapers After All

Newspaper readership has been falling for decades—long before today’s online journalists were born, and even before some of their parents were born.

Highland, IL is offering over $40,000 in cash and prizes to tech-startups.
Missouri Shares Data with Healthy Results

After 10 years of inter-agency data sharing, state officials say they've finally cracked the code, saving millions and improving the health of the mentally ill.

Digital Media & Learning- The Trust Challenge Competition
The Digital Media & Learning Trust Competition is offering $1.2M in awards to projects that address issues of trust in connected learning environments. 
FCC Announces Extended Filing Deadline for Rural Broadband Experiments and Other Information for Applicants
The FCC has extended the deadline for Rural Broadband Experiments.
FCC announces deadline for Rural Broadband Experiments extended.
Google Balloons Take Flight In Vast Remote Broadband Launch
Google is on track to launch balloons to provide broadband service to remote areas in 2015. 
iOS 8 Users Report Slow Wi-Fi, Battery Drains
Those with iOS 8 devices are reporting Wi-Fi sluggishness and battery-drain issues.
New Voter Registration App for Indiana Residents

The IndianaVoters App enables users to register to vote or confirm their voter registration, find their polling place, look up candidates on their ballot, track their absentee ballot and contact local elected officials.

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