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PCI Launches Telehealth Crowdfunding Campaign
Organization looks to fund the Illinois Telehealth Initiative
School sending Internet home with the students
Paper, pencils and textbooks won’t cut it anymore. Bloomington District 87 offers home Internet access to low-income students.
Broadband Illinois participates in 1871's TGIF
Deputy Director Laura Lane demos the Find & request Broadband Tools
Broadband Illinois Releases Updated Residential Broadband Pricing Study
Broadband availability increased statewide, higher speeds and lower prices a result
Technology to Close Distance Between Foster Children, Therapists in Rural Kansas

Nearly 550 foster families will receive iPads equipped with a video conferencing system that allows children to talk with counselors in a private chat room.

Did the National Broadband Plan spur innovation?
A reflection on the impact of the National Broadband Plan
FACT SHEET: Next Steps in Delivering Fast, Affordable Broadband
The White House announces plans to increase provider competition, expand offerings, and create the Broadband Opportunity Council
National Broadband Map has Helped Chart Broadband Evolution
The impact of the National Broadband Plan over the last five years
Press Release: NTIA Announces Second Phase of Funding for State and Local Implementation Grant Program
NTIA releases second installment of FirstNet funding
Proposed Illinois budget threatens digital literacy program
IL state budget proposal would eliminate funding for computer training courses
Livestock Lost? There's an App for That

The Herdsman mobile application allows farmers to track livestock from remote locations and receive alerts if the animals go outside a set boundary.

White House Launches Website Analytics Dashboard

A new analytics dashboard allows citizens a window into 300-plus federal agency websites.

Farmers of the Future Will Utilize Drones, Robots and GPS

Self-driving machinery and flying robots able to automatically survey and treat crops will become commonplace on farms that practice what’s come to be called precision agriculture.

Happy 5th Birthday, National Broadband Plan!
An overview of the National Broadband Plan and its success.
Florida Lawmakers Debate Bill to Allow Virtual Medical Visits

Florida Sen. Arthenia Joyner is optimistic that her telemedicine measure will pass after deleting controversial payment rules.

Webinar Series: How to Build Your Gigabit Network
A four part webinar series detailing how to build a municipal broadband network. Hosted by Kirton McConkie telecommunications attorneys David Shaw, Shareholder, and Drew Clark, Of Counsel.
Social Media Plays Key Role in Education Policy Debate

A new coalition is coming together on Twitter that is competing to influence politics that influence policy -- and this coalition is gaining the ears of policy makers.

Will Treadmill and Bike Desks Become the New Norm?

Americans are getting fatter, working more and moving less, but technologies like treadmill and bike desks haven't taken off. Will they ever?

Google balloons, “cell towers in the sky,” can serve 4G to a whole state

A single Project Loon balloon can cover an area the size of Rhode Island.

Obama Announces TechHire Initiative
Looking to boost the nation’s stagnant wage growth in an improving economy, President Barack Obama has announced a government initiative to train and develop a home-grown information technology workforce. 
States Turn to Technology to Calculate Prison Sentences

Human error and outdated technology have miscalculated thousands of prison sentences and cost some states millions of dollars.

Broadband Illinois to Host "How to Bring a Gigabit Network to Your City in Illinois"
Successful gigabit city officials will discuss their successes and offer advice
In Kansas City, Superfast Internet And A Digital Divide
Since Google Fiber rolled out gigabit broadband in Kansas City four years ago, residents have enjoyed fast Internet connections, including what locals call "the world's fastest Starbucks."
Apple Watchers Count Down to Apple Watch

The company has pitched the product as its most "personal" and physically interactive yet, but consumers haven't yet warmed to wearable devices already on the market.

Free Wi-Fi On Buses Offers A Link To Future Of 'Smart Cities'
More than 600 Porto city buses and taxis have been fitted with routers to provide free Wi-Fi service. It's being touted as the biggest Wi-Fi-in-motion network in the world.

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