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Work for Broadband in Chicago!

_MG_8595 2Broadband is about wires and wireless radio signals, but it's also about digital connections. It's about deployment, but it's also about education and mobile-centric entrepreneurship efforts. Together, they will make the heartland the heart of the 21st Century economy.
As we’ve been holding eTeam meetings around the state, we’re now zeroing in on activities in our capital city of Springfield and in Chicago. To some extent, this new focus on cities addresses broadband needs besides just the lack of connectivity. Tomorrow, we’re hosting a meeting with the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln and the United Way on digital literacy and computer training efforts within Springfield.
We’re also focused on a new opportunity for Illinois: winning one of the Federal Communications Commission’s Broadband Lifeline Pilot Projects. There’s still time to register to attend our webinar, on June 6 at 2 p.m. See the story below for more about how Illinois broadband providers can benefit.
And then there’s Chicago. We’ve got an opening for a top-flight opportunity at the forefront of broadband engagement. We’re looking for the right candidate to help connect providers to high-capacity opportunities, to promote and train others in digital connectivity, and to build results for Better Broadband, Better Lives. And in doing so, I’ll be at ChicagoCounts 2012, the Conference Uniting Nonprofits and Technology, on Saturday. Don’t miss the opportunity to join team broadband Illinois – but apply by June 9! 

Broadband Awareness Planning Meeting in Springfield

As part of our mission to maximize the impact of use of Broadband, the Partnership for a Connected Illinois, in conjunction with the Sangamon County Continuum of Learning, will host a Broadband Awareness Planning Meeting at 10 a.m., tomorrow, June 6 at the Springfield United Way.  

We are developing a new broadband adoption and use grant program that is designed to spur job-creation and economic growth throughout the State. New funding from the Small Business Administration will allow us to enhance our mission of ensuring Better Broadband and Better Lives through training, education, and economic development.

The Continuum of Learning, a partnership among the Community Foundation for the Land of Lincoln, the Springfield Chamber of Commerce and the United Way of Central Illinois, works to ensure that every child in Sangamon County is prepared to learn, work and succeed. Collaborating with these groups is just one example of the work we are doing throughout Illinois to prepare for enhanced broadband education.

At tomorrow’s meeting, we’ll address three key questions: What are the needs for broadband education in the Springfield area? What existing programs and activities are providing computer and Internet training in Springfield and the Central eTeam region? What, if anything, are those programs and activities lacking?

The provider community has also been leading the way in broadband adoption and use programs, with initiatives such as Connect2Compete helping to serve as model templates.

To register for tomorrow's event, visit and email or with questions. 

Wednesday Webinar: Illinois Broadband Lifeline

The Federal Communications Commission’s Lifeline Pilot Project has a July 2 deadline. The FCC launched the pilot competition with $25 million in funding available to identify the best ways to increase broadband adoption among low-income Americans. The Lifeline program is part of the Universal Service Fund, which provides telephone access to low-income Americans and the data gathered from this effort will enable the FCC to evaluate how to best structure the Lifeline program in the future. Now the FCC is expanding broadband access to the Universal Service Fund.  This funding will provide twelve months of subsidized broadband service to Illinoisans in need of a connection.
Log in at 2 p.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, June 6 for a webinar, hosted in partnership with the Illinois Commerce Commission and the Universal Telephone Assistance Corporation and learn how providers can get involved. Contact

Upcoming Events

Central Region eTeam Meeting, 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13 

Cass Communications Manchester Launch Party, 4 p.m. on Wednesday, June 6

Frontier's Smart Business Solutions Forums, 8 a.m. on July 19, 20, 21 in Marion, Bloomington and Sycamore

Broadband Links

Illinois Innovation Index - The May 2012 Index, published by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, World Business, Chicago, Illinois Science and Technology Coalition, and the Chicago Metropolitian Agency for Planning, is dedicated to Broadband in Illinois, particularly the effect of broadband and the growth of businesses. 

Broadband boosts rural business - You might not think farms have much need for broadband services, but in fact agriculture is being shaped by the services offered. According to the USDA report, Broadband Internet’s Value for Rural America, the more multi-faceted the farm business, the more the farm uses the Internet.

Wasting Time is New Divide in Digital Era - A new digital divide is such a cause for concern by the Federal Communications Commission that it is considering a $200 million proposal to create a Digital Literacy Corps. 

The Bullseye of America’s Internet - Cool article on the physical location of the 'bullseye' of Internet infrastructure in the U.S. - Ashburn, Virginia.

5 Ways Mobile Tech Can Improve Your Health - "mHealth" is emerging as a new way for nurses and doctors to adminster health care.

The Partnership for a Connected Illinois, Inc. (PCI), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Springfield, Illinois. Its missions are to ensure broadband access throughout the State of Illinois, maximize broadband’s impact and use, and collect and publish broadband-related data, information, and research.
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