Richard Warren in Stewardson, IL says:

INTERNET SERVICE IS IMPORTANT TO ME. It makes no matter HOW I get it but I DON'T BELIEVE that broadband is going to do it in the rural areas. ONLY FIBER OPTIC cable will do us rural dwellers any good. I had a dial-up service for about 9 was SLOW, VERY SLOW, BUT "reliable"... I was "talked" into subscribing to Verizon Wireless Broadband service, supposedly coming out of Effingham, IL. But it is LOUSY and fades out constantly, to where there is no trx or rec speeds showing on Verizon's network window. At a monthly cost of $60.00, it's NOT WORTH IT. I have been working all different hours of the day to see when it works best. It doesn't appear to make any difference. I have called Verizon several times and what they have told me is VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTING TO ALL WHO WANT INTERNET SERVICE IN THE RURAL AREAS. I was told that the base area from a Verizon tower is at best only 5, (five), miles. I guess in that respect I must be LUCKY, because we are about 12 miles from the Verizon tower. If these BROADBAND SERVICES EXPECT TO PROVIDE INTERNET SERVICE IN THE RURAL AREAS, THEY'LL HAVE TO PUT UP A TOWER EVERY FIVE MILES, AND THAT'S JUST ONE SERVICE PROVIDER. Boy, would this country be full of tower if that's the case. I'll NEVER WORK. I have talked to a retired Verizon worker, (40 years employee), who said INTERNET PROVIDERS WILL NEVER, EVER, IN THIS LIFE BE ABLE TO PROVIDE US RURAL FOLKS WITH INTERNET SERVICE UNLESS THE BREAK DOWN AND INSTALL FIBER OPTIC CABLES OT OUR HOMES. The urban Internet providers DO NOT WANT TO SCREW WITH US RURAL FOLKS FOR THIS REASON. Too costly for their asses. And as for our LOCAL electric company, being Shelby Electric in Shelby County, they are just wasting their time and OUR MONEY. I live ONLY about 4, (four), miles from Shelby Electric's Broadband tower and still can't get it. The tower is so short, it can't SEE over the trees. Shelby Electric came and "waved" their magic wand around my property and promptly announced I would never be able to get their broadband service because of the trees. AND ONLY FOUR MILES AS THE CROW FLIES. Maybe if they would put up 1,000 foot towers rather then the 150 foot jobs, perhaps they'd get some customers. I was told ALL CUSTOMERS OF SHELBY ELECTRIC BROADBAND WILL HAVE TO LIVE WITHIN THE "UMBRELLA" OF THE TOWER. Really pretty stupid and in closing, WE ARE FED UP WITH ALL THE HIPE YOU people are putting out with NO IMMEDIATE ACTION. Its time to get off your duffs and get moving. Not 10 years from now but NOW. We're fed up to our gills with all the talk and NO ACTION.

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8:33 PM
Apr 26, 2012
Barb says:

I work for PCI and I understand your frustration over lack of good access. I too live in rural Illinois and just got broadband last fall. If you will email me your address, I will see what providers might be available in your area. Also, we are meeting with providers in your county to review situations such as your own. We do not have funding designated for builds, but we work with providers to see what opportunities there might be. I also passed your info along to a couple local providers for review, but do need your address. Please send to

4:21 PM
Apr 18, 2012
Charles says:

There is no real broadband where my sister and mother live just outside of South Roxana, IL. So through some program my sister gets some kind of satelite connection through Hughesnet. Supposedly the state is paying for part of it.

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