Why do we research?

Broadband Illinois conducts and examines research on broadband in order to identify gaps in broadband access and adoption in the State of Illinois.  By identifying and applying national studies on broadband infrastructure and use, we are better able to identify where solutions and resources are necessary.

It is also important to identify the impact of broadband on a number of sectors of Illinois life. From healthcare to government performance, education and public safety, the impact of high speed Internet access is becoming increasingly crucial.

Why do we “map”?

Broadband Illinois has been assigned the responsibility of mapping the landscape of broadband connectivity in the State of Illinois.  Similar “State Broadband Initiatives” exist across the rest of the nation in the other forty-nine states and six United States territories.  Together, the work of these initiatives created the National Broadband Availability Map which was launched in February 2011. 

By mapping all broadband providers, regardless of technology, one is able to gain a clearer picture of where broadband exists and where gaps remain.  While it may not be a causal relationship, there is a noticeable connection between economic prosperity and broadband access. 

Why do we verify data?

While Broadband Illinois works closely with providers to assemble a picture of the broadband landscape, we are also required to engage stakeholders to ensure the data is correct.  In the process, Broadband Illinois wants to make sure providers are aware of pockets of demand or pockets where consumers are saying their reported data is incorrect.  For some technologies, it can be very difficult for providers to be entirely sure of whether they are able to serve a designated area or not without an actual onsite connection test.  It is these people on the fringe of broadband connectivity that Broadband Illinois wants to work with providers to help connect.

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